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From the experience of 4 generations and the collaboration with NASA, ESA and ASI, born OUTFOOD line by Tiberino1888.

Ready-meals for outdoor: hiking, boating, extreme camping, climbing lovers that require a simple, hearty and easy-and-quick-to-prepare foods.

The packaging is designed to offer the possibility of preparing your favourite meal just adding boiling water: infact you have just to pour the water in the bag, mix well, close the package with the special zip and wait up to 10 minutes to eat a nutritious and healthy meal made with only natural ingredients.

The OUTFOOD line includes:
- SINGLE PORTION packs, ideal for extreme situations in which the main requirements are the rapidity and simplicity of preparation with no particular devices available, the same compact packaging is used both to prepare and consume the meal thanks to its stand-up form.

- MULTIPLE PORTION packs (10 generous portions), ideal for basic fields where the minimum comfort includes at least dishes and pots.

All OUTFOOD meals are 100% natural, balanced to provide the right nutrition for most of the needs and available in VEGAN and PROTEIN+ variants for satisfying all energy and diet requirements.


La Venta expedition to Perito Moreno Argentina
Tiberino’s Outfoods climb onto Argentina’s peaks with La Venta

La Venta expedition to Swiss Alps Glacier
Tiberino’s Outfoods go to Swiss Alps with La Venta for an exciting exploration into the ice!

La Venta expedition to Baja California US
Tiberino’s Outfoods go with La Venta to an hottest expedition to the Baja California desert

Speleological exploration in Albania
Tiberino’s Outfoods go into the Alabanian caves for an adventurous expedition.

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