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Italian one-pot gourmet meals

What’s Tiberino’s "one-pot"

Tiberino’ one-pot dishes, the easiest way to eat Italian

Tiberino's one-pots inlcude more than 60 Italian dishes made with rice, pasta, cous cous or cereals, including their own sauce into one packaging.
They are 100% natural and easiest to cook, just water and oil or butter will needed to prepare a real and tasty Italian meal at home.


There is nothing easiest than cooking Tiberino's one-pot dishes! 
Just bring to a boil the amount of water listed on the back label, 4 or more tbsp oil (or butter), add the content of the bag and let cook: 3 large gourmet Italian meals will be ready to be served in minutes.

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Perfect for everybody

Tiberino's one-pot dishes are perfect for everybody looking for a tasty and healthy Italian meal.
They are 100% natural, don't contain any chemical ingredient, sugar added, fat added and cooking requires just water and oil.
tiberino's one-pot dishes don't contain animal derivatives and are perfect for vegetarians and vegans too.

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