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About Us

"Our company is not a simple family business but a passion handed down from father to son, the passion for making Italian food more delicious" Nicola Tiberino 1906
"History is a great present,
never only a noble past"
Emile-Auguste Chartier 1945

The Tiberino family has been involved in finer foods commerce for four generations, beginning in the late 1800’s when Nicola...

"If you want a happy life
dedicate it to a goal"
Albert Einstein 1879-1955

We want to allow anybody to easily enjoy a real Italian meal in few minutes. We daily select and transform the best natural...

Tiberino today
After more than 1 century of experience and work on the same field, from a little shop in Bari old town we reached far markets...

Where we are

Sudalimenta srl
Traversa I di Strada Glomerelli 1/A
70132 Bari - Italy

tel/fax: (+39) 080 5046600
email: info@tiberino.com

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